How Blender Helps in making Lemonades and drinks

Blenders are very known kitchen appliances you can literally find them in almost every kitchen. Everyone uses them even professional chefs. There are various advantages of using blenders; they will save your time in making puree or paste. I still remember my grandmother use to tell me that they need to use a mortar and pestle to make paste or for crushing herbs and spices together, and whenever they have any formal feast or dinner it took them almost whole day in the kitchen to prepare the food. At that time, preparing curry paste, pesto and dips was the most difficult thing in the daily cooking. However, luckily now we have kitchen blender that will save your time and effort so that we don’t have to spent hours in kitchen, thus we can spend more time with our family. As we all know that on weekends our mother or grandmothers, spend most of the time cooking rather then with us because they have so much to prepare than need to clean all of the mess. Now all we need is a blender pitcher, add the ingredients and blend, there you go enjoy.

As we all, summer is right upon us and on a hot summer day, only a cold glass of lemonade can break the body temperature and provide us with happiness. That is why; today we will discuss some lemonades recipes that are great for summer.

Ginger and Mint Punch:

This is a refreshing drink that will kick-start your day, it is filled with many delicious essences. To prepare this drink add a handful of mint leaves, two tablespoon of sugar syrup, one teaspoon of grated ginger, lemon juice three tablespoon, half teaspoon of black salt and to really make it sparking and refreshing add a glass of sparkling water instead of taped water. Then blend them well, serve them with ice cubes and lemon slices.

Sparkling Plum Juice:

It’s also a very refreshing and delicious juice that everyone loves whether a child or an adult. To prepare this recipe you will need a cup of desire plum along with the skin, sugar syrup up to taste, half teaspoon of blacksalt, half a cup of sparkling water and half a cup of chilled tapped water. Place all of them in the blender and then mix until smoothens. The strain any pulp or you may add pulp in the serving glass it’s all up to you how you like. Once you have the juice serve them with ice cubes and enjoy.

Honeydew Melon Juice:

In a blender pitcher, add a large bowl of honeydew melon along with a splash of sugar syrup and then blend until a smooth juice is not form then add seven to eight ice cubes. After that close the lid and blend the mixture again. A refreshing drink will surely cheer you up on a hot summer day.

These were some summer drinks, which will surely help you on a hot and lousy summer day. Do try them and enjoy.