How to Fully Use Food Processor From Blades to Functions

Food processors have made life simple, reduced those endless hours in the kitchen while giving more time to cooks to wrap up food preps faster! Lots of people have replaced their boring old chopping boards with fast and proficient food processors; however, there are many who still don’t know how to make the most of their mean-machine. Find out here about better food customization and food processor hacks that can really help you get through faster!

Counter-top placement

First and foremost, it is important to keep your food processor where it is easily accessible and in your vision. Some people store it away if it’s heavier and therefore, make very little use of it when it is needed, because who’s going to lift it and move it around? Investing in a good size as well as an efficient machine is a must if you need to use it on a daily basis. Placing it on the kitchen counter is a good idea but make sure there aren’t any overhead cabinets; else it will be a tight squeeze!

Using the S-blade

For starters, it is important to start with the S-blade, which helps in chopping up, and after, that you can experiment with the grating and slicing blades. Initially, you may require some time to get used to your food processor, given the varying attachments and accessories it comes with – but  if you start with the basics like chopping, grating, slicing and liquefying using a few vegetables, it will be an hour well spent and you will get the hang of it faster! If it works our fine for you, the ingredients can be improvised in making soup.

The “On” and “Pulse” Button

If you look at different processors, each one comes equipped with its own set of features and attachments. For instance, let’s look at the famous Cuisinart food processor. It comes with two buttons: ‘On’ and ‘Pulse’. The pulsing button is your go-to button that allows you to control how fine you wish to chop your veggies etc. You simply cannot go wrong with it! The ‘On’ button helps in liquefying. If held down long enough, it is capable of blitzing through literally anything and leaving it to looking like paste within a matter of seconds!

Safety first: using razor-sharp blades

Also, take note when you’re warned against the food processor blades which are razor sharp and are capable of causing serious injury if proper caution is not taken. Although these machines are designed to prevent you from harm when the motor is in use, no form of engineering can protect you from these sharp blades, especially when they are not running! Think of them as extremely sharp knives and watch out for them.

Everyone wants to get the best food processor but they have preconceived notions about them. Usually, those people who have never used these machines before can feel quite overwhelmed at the choices they have around, but once you get used to your food processor, you will realize the kind of blessing it is for modern cooks today!