How can Massage Chairs helps in getting Foot Therapy at home

Massages have been a way to relieve stress, pain, and tightness in muscles for several centuries. They are so effective in the medical benefits which they are known to provide that oftentimes massages are used specifically to cure or help with one ongoing health concern. A beacon of benefits, massage chairs have been throughout the years used to treat back pain, bad posture, neck and shoulders pain, and foot and calf pain. Let us look at how massage therapy can also become synonymous with foot and calf therapy.

Features Relevant to Foot Therapy

Unlike portable massage chair pads which are focused on massaging one’s back and have no way of reaching one’s lower body let alone one’s foot, most massage chairs now also have installations for foot and calf therapy. These can be detected by looking for features called ‘ottomans’ which are essentially massage mechanisms which reach the foot and more commonly the calf.

There are varying types of ottomans in different massage chair models. There’s no huge difference among them except that some massage chairs have the foot massager and the calf massager as a single unit which functions alone and simultaneously massages both the foot and calf areas while other massage chairs have a separate foot massage mechanism and separate calf massage mechanism. For example the Human Touch Actouch HT-9500 is a robotic chair which has foot and calf massages as a single unit whereas the Panasonic 30007 is one which has them as separate units. Customers complain that as separate units both the foot and calf massage are harder to adjust to their exact positions where they reach the foot and calf effectively. However, there are machines like the Inada which have evolved around the same design and now offer the possibility of the calf and foot massager to stay perpendicular to each other even as separate mechanisms.

The Gist of a Foot Massage

Most massage chairs have airbags installed in the feet and calf areas which, some in a different way than others, compress on the muscles around those areas to create a relaxing, massage-like sensation for the user. These compressions are different in nature varying with the brand and model of the best massage chair click here to read as every chair wishes to create its own signature massage . Some air bags inflate at once while others inflate in a simulated pattern such as creating the sensation of rolling through the calf and feet. Some massage chairs even claim that they have actual rollers installed even in the leg area such as the Elite Optima.

Foot and calf massage therapies can take a bit of time getting used to, but once you give it a chance you will really start to feel like it is benefiting those parts of your body which you put the most burden on. Your feet carry you around everywhere and because of this people of all ages from youngsters to adults to the elderly experience undue fatigue on their feet and calves. Getting a mechanical massage chair in these areas can thus feel extremely liberating and should be tried at least a few times.